The legendary work of photographer, educator and master printer David Michael Kennedy spans over forty years: a journey that begins with Kennedy’s highly successful career in New York City of iconic images of musicians and celebrities to his stunning landscapes. The move from New York to New Mexico thirty years ago saw a shift in Kennedy’s career from the fast paced assignment world of NYC to a slower more personal approach to his work, which was often project based. His most well known being the portfolios of Native American ceremonial dance work that is both powerful and elegant. Kennedy’s most recent project was traveling back roads across country in a vintage Airstream trailer. The portraits of the people and the culture are truly visual poems.

Whoever he photographs, whether famous or not, behind the camera is a master artist who is both humble and modest, “I am thrilled by the possibility of creating a space in which the subject may reveal himself or herself in an intimate way. I am honored by the trust exhibited by both the subjects and viewer engaging in this silent dialogue”.

David is widely recognized as a master printer and one of the best platinum palladium printers in the world. His mastery and love of teaching brings students from all across the globe to El Rito where he now lives and works.