“My idea of photography is not about the ‘captured moment,’ but more about the perception of what photography can be. I envision photography as a means for realizing brilliant abstract compositions. I’m shooting on the everyday streets of cities, with an eye heightened by a minimalist’s understanding of surface detail and a Pop awareness of complex source material, including graffiti and peeling paint…”

Professional photographer, painter, and printmaker, Jay Ritter continues a tradition of groundbreaking and significant artists residing in Santa Fe, NM. Originally from the New York area, Ritter was intimately involved in the Creative Revolution happening in the 1960’s, New York City art scene. Ritter’s involvement at Andy Warhol’s Factory along with his work at the Fillmore East as well as running the darkrooms as an art student at Stockton University all contributed to shaping his expertise and distinctive understanding of Fine Art. Other inspirations include but are not limited to Salvador Dali, Claus Oldenburg, and Jim Dine. Ritter’s ardor for abstraction is informed by and constantly evolving through study, personal practice and travel. His work considers the objective nature of a photo while focusing attention on color, shape, line and form.