b. 1959 Long Beach, California Karen Kuehn has been creating photography since 1979. She has shot everything from “bumpers” for Saturday Night Live to stories like “Cats” for National Geographic, to the street scenes of New York City. Her celebrity portraits cover iconic personalitieS from Muhammed Ali to Barbara Walters. Her work is familiar to readers of Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, People, and the NYT Magazine. She has provided the dramatic visuals that have made so many national ad campaigns sing. Regardless of the medium, the signature of Karen’s work—deep regard and high respect for the subject—is evident in every shot. She continues to travel the world on assignments and personal projects, and in her spare time she shares her experience and artistic perspective through one-on-one workshops and speaking events. Karen lives on a small farm in Peralta, New Mexico with her family and a host of critters.