Rumi Vesselinova is a photographer based in Santa Fe, NM. She was born in Bulgaria where she graduated from “Yulius Fuchik” Photography School in Sofia. After working for two years in Bulgarian National Photography Agency, she went on to study in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where she acquired MA degrees in Bulgarian and English Philology. For the past twenty years Rumi Vesselinova has lived in the southwest (Arizona, New Mexico) and her photography is focused on the beauty as well as the environmental challenges of the region. In the artist’s words: “I have taken pictures around the world, but the places closest to my heart have always been the American Southwest and my native Bulgaria. Different and distant as they are, they both speak to me in a profound, visceral voice. They both are beautiful in their own ways, but photographing them is not about beauty, composition or technical precision. It is about a level of closeness that does not allow for the separation of fascination and existential pain. Some pictures hopefully convey this most complex emotion, and viewers recognize it aesthetically.”Rumi Vesselinova’s work can be seen at Catenary Art Gallery and on her website

Burnt Forest #3 – Purchase $165.00